Seating Seating Mis-matched Seating 199260852 Sage Green "Anne" Chair 2 Available 198062684 Velvet "Rose" Chairs 2 Available 198062685 VIntage pews with mis-matched seating 199260851 Ladder Back Farm Chairs Dark Mahogany finish to match the top of our farm tables or use these beauties for ceremony seating. 170 available 203689728 White Washed Church Pews (2) Available 11 feet length with curvy ornate ends. 203604709 Vintage White Washed Pews End view of white washed pews 203771268 203597857 Gold Upholstered Settee (1) Available 200631703 Green Settee Adorable piece for Bride and Groom Sweetheart Table Seating 203597858 Our mis-matched seating 200278415 Upholstered Seating 203597856 Mis-matched seating for ceremony 200278417 Mis-matched seating and vintage pews 200278418 Bride & Groom Shabby Chic Chair set 200631704 Romeo and Juliet Metal Peacock Chairs These vintage wrought-iron peacock chairs are just perfect for Bride and Groom seating! 204440291 Our "Paris" Pink Victorian Chairs Perfect Bride an Groom Seating! 204440292 "Paris" Victorian Chairs-Back view 204440293 Mis-matched Seating 204440294 204440295 204440296